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Tucked away in a quiet country lane, just minutes from Nowra CBD, Restore face body soul is a private ladies only salon with easy off street parking, the perfect location to relax, revive and indulge.
Choose from a selection of beauty maintenance,  relaxing massage and luxurious face and body treatments that will leave you feeling ‘blissed out’!
  • Massage to relieve muscular tension, promoting relaxation to restore your balance and wellbeing
  • Spa Ritual Value packages that combine popular treatments to create affordable indulgence
  • Facial skin care therapies to cleanse, revitalise and restore your glow
  • Skin Care simply natural and affordable skin care for results
  • Threading and Waxing to remove unwanted facial and body hair
  • Pedicure – Shellac Power Polish available

Hello and welcome!

I’m Diana Milnes, Holistic Beauty and Spa Therapist. My signature therapies and bespoke Skin Care are a blend of aromatherapy, acupressure, crystal therapy and Ayurvedic principles.

Each therapy and product is carefully designed to address your unique skin and body concerns and to soothe your soul.

Restore face body soul is a ladies only salon specialising in Facial and Brow treatments.

Diana did a fabulous job with my lashes. She made it look so natural but in a way that opens up your eyes and gave them the fanned out look that I can never do with a mascara. Spread the word, this lovely lady is the best! 


I had the most amazing facial today. I love the products that Di uses. They smell divine and you can feel your skin drinking in all the goodness. The collagen mask was so moisturising. Di also gave me a lovely food massage… The best I’ve ever had. I just floated out of her place feeling very relaxed and pampered. You’re an awesome beauty therapist Di. Thank you. 


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