Ditch the DIY lash curler and messy mascara!

Introducing the Restore Luscious Lash Lift – a professional lash treatment that will lift your lashes for up to 8 weeks, even after a shower or swimming!

Lash lifting is a great alternative to lash extensions – giving your natural lashes a longer looking appearance with virtually no after care.

Your Luscious Lashes treatment includes:
• Luscious lifted lashes that last!
• Collagen eye mask to increase elasticity in the eye contour while reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.
• Lash tint + Brow tint

Optional – Brow Shape + $10
50 minutes | $60 + Brow Shape |$70


Your brow and lash colour fades and dulls, just like your hair. Brow and Lash tinting will enhance and ‘brighten’ your brows and lashes – giving your eye area more definition.

Brow shape & tint w/ lash tint 30 minutes | $35

Lash tint 15 minutes | $20

Brow tint 15 minutes | $15

Brow & Lash tint 25 minutes | $25

Brow Shape 20 minutes | $15

20 MINUTES | $30

Reduce dark circles, soothe and revive your eyes

Restore Eye Revive is a soothing ‘facial’ for your eyes to help reduce dark circles and puffiness – reviving your eyes.
Mild cleansing is followed by a gentle exfoliation with microcapsules containing Squalene to soften the eye contour. A custom oil blend to deeply hydrate and restructure the eye zone along with supporting massage movements will relax the muscles surrounding the eye contour and encourage lymphatic drainage. A refreshing and decongesting, creamy gel mask with cornflower, algae and ginseng is applied over a soothing lotion, based on Cucumber and Camomile extracts, to give a tonifying and drainage effect.
The perfect add-on to your Facial or as a stand alone treatment.

Diana did a fabulous job with my lashes. She made it look so natural but in a way that opens up your eyes and gave them the fanned out look that I can never do with a mascara. Spread the word, this lovely lady is the best!

Cris Santos

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